Meet Maria

Story submitted by: Central San Gabriel Valley WorkSource Center

Workforce Challenge

Maria had just received her high school diploma and was going to college part time to continue her education. She was also a mother, and as the cost of caring for her child took precedence, she had to make work a greater priority and put school on hold. After working for a few years at an escrow company, she was laid off. As a single parent, with no child support and existing on unemployment benefits, Maria turned to the DPSS. In January 2009, Maria attended the Job Services Program with the County Office of Education as a requirement for benefits.

Workforce Solution

The Job Services Program motivated her to work and to “believe in herself.” With help from her instructor, she continued her job search and was soon offered a temporary position with the County Office of Education at $8.00/hour and 32 hours a week. She flourished in this position assisting people in their job search, talking to companies and assisting with job fairs. When the temporary position ended, Maria qualified for Transitional Services Employment – which offers participants paid work experience.

Outcomes & Benefits

Maria was in the right place at the right time. She was a hard worker, and was one of the first TSE participants to work at the Central San Gabriel Valley WorkSource Center. Through TSE, she got an increase in pay and full time hours up to a year. A few months later, her perseverance and hard work paid off when she was offered a position at the WorkSource Center as an Employment Service Representative. Maria now works at the Department of Mental Health. She feels a great deal of gratitude to those who believed in her and helped her.

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